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Can you explain to me why you think Adeppar is the right fit?

I want to hear about a new product you developed entirely from scratch.

What is one time you had to stand up and disagree with a team member's approach?

Recount an incident where you learned something outside of work and how it benefited you? How might this help if you're a Technical Program Manager at Adeppar?

Tell me about what GDPR is and what you know about it. How do you think it would affect Adeppar?

Tell me about a time where you were unpopular thanks to a decision you imposed on your team

Describe the role of a PM in 2 minutes.

Program Management
As a Technical Program Manager at Adeppar, how would you deal with a hard delay?

When did you last disagree with your boss or executive?

Tell us about a time when you had to convince people to work on a thing which they were not interested in.

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