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What are your priorities for market requirements?

How did you become interested in becoming a Product Manager?

What would you consider to be the key phases of launching a new product? What would you consider to be the phases of its lifecycle?

Program Management
Can you share an instance when the performance of a program you managed declined?

How do you go about managing risk for a program?

Describe one of your favorite apps on your phone, and tell me what you like and don't like about it. How would you prioritize and fix what you don't like?

What was your experience one time when you were asked to help a colleague in an area out of your sphere of responsibility?

Program Management
Tell me about a time you identified an opportunity that needed a lot of persuasion for people to buy into.

If you took an unpopular decision, please tell me about it

If you have ever led a team, please share your experience

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