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How to become a Product Manager: Step-by-step guide

This guide covers all the steps you'd typically need to take, to become a Product Manager. It also contains tons of related content about the role and what is expected from it.

Deepdive - What Google interviewers look for, in Technical Program Manager interviews

A candidate has to undergo up to eight gruelling interview sessions to finally land a job as a TPM at Google. We put together this guide after interviewing a bunch of Google TPMs to add a bit of transparency to what Google expects in these interviews.

Career path of a Product Manager

How can one ensure growth in a product management career over the years?

Crafting the ultimate personal story to land Product Management Jobs

The thing with Product Management is that it never is just one skill. It is always an overlap of different skills and expertise

Group Product Managers vs. Principal Product Managers: Differences in Job Responsibilities

In this article, we will compare two of the most important positions in product management- Group Product Managers and Principal Product Managers

How to project "Googleyness" in the Google TPM Interview

From YouTube to Maps to worldwide search to Ads to Android, some of today's most used technologies are driven by the successful product managers at Google. Technical Program Managers (TPM) helps Google in executing path-breaking ideas from inception to launch.

7 Tips to Succeed at Technical Program Manager Job Interview

TPMs require a broad spectrum of technical and non-technical skills to manage technical programs for companies, from strategy to execution.

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