Leadership Skills for Resume — The 2023 Guide

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Looking to boost your authority in resume by demonstrating leadership skills? Here are some insights:

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Preparing for a leadership position to transform your career in 2023? A good place to start is by updating your resume with lucrative leadership skills to stand out from the competition. 

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, employers are looking for candidates who can not only handle the demands of their job, but also lead teams, think strategically and adapt to change.

So, having a strong set of leadership skills on your resume can give you a distinct advantage.

For employees to land desired leadership roles, it is important to tailor their leadership skills to match the specific requirements of the job they are applying for. This includes soft skills, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, which are essential in leading cross-functional teams, dealing with crisis situations, and so on.

In this blog, we'll deep dive into some actionable insights on what leadership skills are in demand, and explore how you can showcase them successfully on your resume in 2023.

Top 6 Leadership Skills to Showcase on Your Resume in 2023

Here's diving into the key leadership skills you should be highlighting on your resume to stand out in a competitive job market:

1. Ability to formulate and execute strategic plans

According to a 2020 study by the Harvard Business Review, "strategic thinking" is the most important leadership skill for industry leaders. It shows that you can critically analyze complex problems, plan for the future, and achieve desired outcomes.

On your resume (especially if it is a mid-level or senior-level executive resume), it is important to include tangible metrics (specific numbers and data) to bolster your accomplishments so recruiters have a clear picture of your strategic thinking abilities and leadership history. The goal is to elucidate the scope and scale of the projects you've worked on, and highlight the impact your personal contributions have had on the company/industry.

An example of how you can showcase strategic planning skills is:

  • "Led the development and implementation of a new business strategy for XYZ company, resulting in a 35% increase in revenue over the course of the next year."
  • "Developed and executed a comprehensive marketing plan for ABC product line, resulting in a 17% increase in sales within the first quarter."
  • "Created and executed a company-wide digital transformation strategy that led to a 20% increase in online sales and improved customer engagement."

2. Proven track record of effective decision-making and problem-solving

Demonstrating that you have strong problem-solving and decision-making skills is key when applying for a leadership position because it shows that you are able to anticipate and address potential issues before they become a problem.  

Based on a 2021 LinkedIn study, "problem-solving" is the most sought-after skill in tech industry job postings.

It shows that you can provide clear direction and guidance to your team, respond quickly and effectively to evolving circumstances, adapt to new challenges, and build credibility with stakeholders.

Here's how you can showcase decision-making and problem-solving: start with a complex problem you faced, and go on to explain how you effectively navigated through it:

  • "Led a cross-functional team to find a solution to a long-standing production issue, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency and a decrease in costs."
  • "Implemented a streamlined process for project management that improved decision making, resulting in a 20% increase in on-time completion rate."

3. Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence

Strong communication and interpersonal skills demonstrate that you can build positive relationships in the workplace—which is key for a leader to be successful. It shows that you can effectively identify and address conflicts, mentor your junior associates, and lead cross-functional teams. 

So, how can you bolster the impact of your communication skills? By highlighting contributions towards improved conflict resolution, employee satisfaction, employee retention, productivity, collaboration, performance, etc.

For example: 

  • "Led a team through a difficult merger, effectively managing and resolving conflicts between employees and departments, resulting in a smooth integration and minimal loss of key personnel."
  • "Coached and mentored a team of junior employees, resulting in a 25% increase in employee performance and satisfaction."
  • "Developed and delivered training programs for new hires, resulting in a 20% increase in employee retention and satisfaction."

4. Proficiency in time management and delegation

Time management is integral for leaders to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and successfully achieve end-goals while delegation helps them in the efficient management of projects through tactical assignment of responsibilities to team members.

Comptent time management and delegation skills show recruiters that you can boost workplace performance, keep cross-functional teams engaged, and grow their capabilities.

Here's examples of how you can demonstrate this on your resume:

  • "Implemented a new delegation and task management system, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity."
  • "Led a team of 10 employees, effectively managing and delegating tasks, resulting in a successful completion of all objectives."

5. Committed to continuous learning and self-improvement

It's important to showcase single-minded dedication to learning and personal development because it demonstrates a willingness to evolve and adapt, which is key in today's fast-paced and rapidly-changing business landscape. 

Employers today are looking for innovative leaders who can adapt to change and challenges, stay current with industry trends, and bring fresh ideas and perspectives to survive in a competitive environment.

In an interview with Business Insider, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, emphasized the importance of curiosity and a learning mindset in candidates. He said, "I always ask people, 'What are you curious about? What are you reading? What are you learning? What are you excited about?'"

So, make sure you talk about any industry conferences you have attended, workshops you've participated in, certifications you have acquired, etc to highlight that you are proactive, motivated, and forward-thinking. Here's how:

  • "Attended multiple industry conferences and workshops, staying current with the latest trends and developments in the field."
  • "Obtained a certification in [specific skill or field], demonstrating a commitment to professional development and self-improvement."

6. Global and cultural awareness

This showcases that you have a fairly good understanding of different cultures—their complexities and nuances—which is highly valued in today's globalized business paradigm. Leaders should know how to navigate diverse cultures, communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, and leverage new perspectives to boost company growth. 

Show recruiters that you are appreciative of different cultures and that your past global experiences will help you succeed in the current increasingly interconnected world.

Here's one way to go about it:

  • "Participated in a cultural exchange program, gaining insights into global business practices and cultures of different countries."
  • "Completed a course on cross-cultural communication and negotiation, resulting in improved ability to work effectively with international clients and partners."


Leadership skills are paramount in every industry because it helps employees to guide and motivate cross-functional teams towards achieving a common goal. As more businesses operate globally, leaders should be able to traverse cultural diversities and effectively communicate with complex teams from different backgrounds to lead them towards collaborative success.

Whether you are applying for engineering manager or director of engineering position, effective leadership is key for driving innovation, boosting adaptability, and achieving sustainable growth in today's fast-evolving world. Predully can help you train for these roles. Have your resume reviewed by domain experts and increase your chances of success at landing your dream role.

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