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What will a resume review cover?

Sample Written Resume Review

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Written Reviews start at $79 USD and 1-1 Reviews start at $139 USD.
*Depending on the expert's seniority and availability, prices may vary.

What will a Resume Review cover?

You can choose to receive written feedback for your resume, or have a 1-on-1 call with your expert.


Feedback for the following questions will be provided via email:


  • Does the CV reflect my role interest? (For eg - does the CV speak "Data Analyst"?)
  • Have I effectively communicated the relevant skills and competencies for the role?
  • Is the CV catering to the company's principles and values?
  • Do I have the correct buzzwords for the industry?
  • Is there anything in my CV that might raise a red flag during the screen?
  • Is there any inconsistency in my CV that might be brought up in an interview?


  • Is the CV easy to comprehend?
  • Is the alignment, font and order of work-exp, education, extra-curriculars, etc correct?
  • Is the length of the CV correct?

Screening Decision

In its current state, would you call the candidate for an initial screen?

  • Strong 'YES'
  • Leaning towards 'YES'
  • Leaning towards 'NO'
  • Strong 'NO'

Along with these, the expert will answer any specific questions you might have.


The 1-on-1 session is a 1-hr resume review call between you and the expert. You can define the agenda before the call and send it to the expert.

You will receive your expert's profile before being prompted for payment.