What will a Written Resume Review cover?

Your resume will be evaluated on screening metrics that have been approved by recruiters and hiring managers.


  • Does the CV reflect my role interest? (For eg - does the CV speak "Data Analyst"?)
  • Have I effectively communicated the relevant skills and competencies for the role?
  • Is the CV catering to the company's principles and values?
  • Do I have the correct buzzwords for the industry?
  • Is there anything in my CV that might raise a red flag during the screen?
  • Is there any inconsistency in my CV that might be brought up in an interview?


  • Is the CV easy to comprehend?
  • Is the alignment, font and order of work-exp, education, extra-curriculars, etc correct?
  • Is the length of the CV correct?

Peer Rating

Where does the candidate stand in terms of his peers/competition?

  • Rate on a scale of 1-10
  • 1 = Needs a lot of improvement
  • 10 = Well ahead of the curve
  • 5 = Wouldn’t stand out in a crowd

Screening Decision

In its current state, would you call the candidate for an initial screen?

  • Strong 'YES'
  • Leaning towards 'YES'
  • Leaning towards 'NO'
  • Strong 'NO'

The expert will review your resume as they would at your target company, and provide constructive improvement points where they feel your profile is lacking.