What is Peer Interview Practice? Why Choose Peer Interview Practice at Prepfully?

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Peer interview is a robust practice to gain insightful feedback from peers (individuals) aspiring for a similar role. This article elaborates on the effectiveness and serviceability of peer interview practice in landing your dream job. 

Why choose peer interview practice at Prepfully?

A crucial part of securing a job in a reputed firm is to clear the interview round or the screening test. Nevertheless, doing this is more complex than saying. An aspiring job candidate must perform well in an interview for which they must practice to secure the job. 

Peer interview is a robust practice to gain insightful feedback from peers (individuals) aspiring for a similar role. This article elaborates on the effectiveness and serviceability of peer interview practice in landing your dream job. 

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What is Peer Interview Practice? How is it Conducted?

Peer interview practice signifies two or more individuals working together to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. The interview practice process can play a significant role in developing and enhancing candidates' assessment skills, thereby increasing their chances of cracking the much-desired interview to secure the job. 

The following steps are involved in a peer interview practice session- 

  1. Matching Peers
    Candidates aspiring for similar roles are matched for a practice session.
  2. Mock Interview Practice Session  
    They indulge in an engaging mock interview session where one candidate interviews another candidate for a set time frame. 
    For instance, let there be two candidates, A and B. In the hour-long session, A will interview B for the first thirty minutes, and then roles will get reversed as B will interview A for the last thirty minutes. 
  3. Performance Assessment & Result
    Each candidate will scrutinize the performance of the other and give results based on the analysis. The candidates analyze each other based on the responses exchanged during the session. The participants also study their peers' body language, way of responding, and facial gestures.
    How they react to the questions put forward by the other helps to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses readily. 
  4. Feedback
    The session is concluded by delivering feedback on whether the other performed well enough to get hired by the employer. The session allows candidates to understand the perspective of a job-seeker and an interviewer simultaneously. It also gives them a picture of the overall interview preparation of the other candidate interviewing for the same job role

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Why Choose Peer Interview Practice at Prepfully for Interview Preparation?

Prepfully is one of the most popular interview preparation platforms. It offers a wide range of tools and services that help candidates enhance their skills before moving into an interview room. You can find a long list of interview questions and answers on the website to practice too. The peer practice interview session is one of the most enticing free features offered by Prepfully. 

  • A peer practice session on Prepfully lasts for 90 minutes where each candidate interviewing for the same role plays possess as an interviewer and a job-seeker simultaneously. 
  • For 45 minutes, a candidate answers the questions put forward by the other candidate as a job-seeker. The same candidate spends the next 45 minutes playing the role of an interviewer and asking questions to the other participant. 
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Benefits of Peer Interview Practice at Prepfully

  1. Detailed Feedback 
    Candidates receive a feedback report and a hiring decision from each other.
    As both the participating candidates in the peer practice session are job-seekers themselves, aiming for the same role, they give an honest review to the other candidate without any prejudice. It helps to provide a 360-degree performance view for each candidate. 
  2. Identification & Improvement of Weak Topics & Areas
    The 90-minute session allows candidates to seek answers from their peers on areas they find difficult to respond to.
    By assessing fellow candidates, they can learn many things from them. The way they speak, respond to the questions and present themselves in front of the interview panel. This aids in skill improvement and builds confidence to face the actual interview.
  3. Free & Unlimited Sessions
    The session is free of cost with no hidden charges. One can take unlimited sessions to practice with the same or different peers. 
  4. Preparation to Face Actual Interview Confidently 
    A sense of leadership naturally emerges while posing as the interviewer. These sessions also help in personality development. The participants attain traits like empathy, active listening, mentorship, etc.
    The candidates get a fair chance to decide the questions they are willing to ask the other party during the session. By doing so, candidates can accustom themselves to complicated questions that can be put to them in an actual interview. It exposes candidates to new self-discoveries as they interview fellow candidates with similar skills. 

Salient Features of Peer Interview Practice Sessions at Prepfully

  1. Goal Oriented
    A peer practice interview session is goal-oriented. Experts designed it to help the interviewees gain technical and non-technical skills. 
  2. Tools & Resources
    It incorporates the best online tools and resources. This includes tools for conducting the mock interview, engaging in analysis, and providing feedback simultaneously. For the successful conduction of a peer practice interview session, all the resources must be working well. 
  3. Satisfactory Results
    Each peer practice interview session is designed to derive satisfactory results for the participants. It is engaging and offers candidates a sense of freedom and leadership. When they seek answers from others as an interviewer, they build confidence within themselves. It fills them with contentment. The process also eases the pressure before they face the actual interview panel. 

How to Schedule Prepfully´s Peer Practice Session?

Those willing to schedule a peer practice session on Prepfully can click here and fill in the details involving name, email, target company, target job, etc.


Peer practice for interview preparations has grown in popularity due to rigorous hiring procedures. Today's hiring managers are drawn to candidates who present themselves more confidently than others. Undoubtedly, peer practice interviews assist job hopefuls in obtaining a competitive edge. Essentially, being well-prepared for an interview makes you a stronger candidate getting you closer to the desired job role.