Resume Preparation for Data Scientist Interview

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Preparing your resume to apply for data scientist role at big tech? Here's a guide for you:

data scientist interview resume preparation

You are an aspiring data scientist looking for a lucrative role to put your skills to action.

But before you get to solving complex business problems, you must prepare an elusive data scientist resume to attract worthwhile opportunities.

It's not a fun task, we know, but it's necessary.

Fortunately for you, we are here to guide you through it. Here are some valuable tips to help you write a concise and impactful data scientist resume that delivers results.

We'll also plug in some templates and data scientist resume samples for clarity, so let's get started!

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Keep it short and concise

Given the pile of resumes recruiters go through in a day, they are unlikely to linger for long on a resume if it doesn't immediately showcase value. Truth be told, candidates probably have lesser than 30 seconds to make an impression with their resume.

President and Chief Data Analytics Consultant at Willow Data Strategy Stephen Yu says, “Before I meet somebody, the time that I spend [on each resume] is less than 30 seconds. If that resume doesn’t speak to me, which only happens with one in ten resumes anyway, I’m not even going to call the candidate.”

So, the one thing you should strive for when preparing a data scientist resume is to keep it concise and scannable. Unless you have a wealth of work experience under your belt, it's best to limit your resume to a page or two.

Even so, prioritize relevant skill sets and work history that effectively highlight your potential in the role you are applying for.

resume preparation for data scientist interview

Showcase relevant expertise for Data Scientist Role

The idea is to showcase how your skills are applicable in key data scientist roles. Let recruiters and hiring managers know what new-age tools and technologies you are well-versed in — data scientists typically leverage tools like PERL, OpenRefine, Cloudera,  and are skilled at Python, SQL, Tableau, R, TensorFlow, Excel, MATLAB, and so on.

Among the top hard skills that hiring managers look for in recruiters include Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Modelling, Mathematics and Statistics, Debugging, and Machine Learning. 

Soft skills to highlight include critical thinking, collaboration skills, researching abilities, and strong communication.

Here's a data scientist resume sample for reference:

resume preparation for data scientist role

In addition to this, you want to highlight any exceptional projects you've been part of, be it machine learning or data analytics projects.

If you've acquired certifications or won excellency awards, make sure to mention it. 

If you've appeared in reputed publications, go ahead and include it on your resume.

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Formatting of a Data Scientist Resume

Lastly, pick a presentable format for your data scientist resume — one that best highlights the attributes you want your recruiters to notice.

The right format immediately showcases the value a candidate brings to the table.

Now, this is more important than you might think. 

For example, let's assume you have spent some time building your skill sets due to which you lack a strong work history. Or you are just starting out in the data scientist domain and hence, have no experience.

In such a case, it's recommended that you go with a functional resume format that spotlights your skills rather than focus on your employment gaps. 

Here's a sample resume to give you an idea:

Data scientist resume preparation 2023

There are other formats that help you effectively showcase your strengths and relevant skills. The most common and familiar resume format is the "reverse-chronological" format. 

An amalgamation of the reverse-chronological and Functional Resume formats is the Combination format that is ideal for candidates who possess a wealth of work experience.

It's up to you to determine which format is likely to deliver results. You might consider seeking professional assistance if you are unable to figure it out. 

Prepfully can help you out here; reach out to us and have your resume looked at by data science experts or recruiters from your target companies. You can opt for a written or 1-1 review, based on your preference.

Goodluck with your Data Scientist Interview!

Data Science is a highly coveted field in the current climate, with demand for data scientists at a record high. 

To ensure you land top-dollar roles, you need to prioritize writing a stand-out data scientist resume that attracts lucrative opportunities.

If you've already curated your resume, we recommend getting it reviewed by hiring managers, recruiters, and resume experts at Prepfully. This will help you glean feedback and insight into areas of improvements so you can optimize your data scientist resume for best results. 

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