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transition from software engineer to product manager

6 Tips on Transitioning from Software Engineering to Product Management

Here are six things to keep in mind when you decide on transitioning from software en...

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50 toughest product management interview questions asked at Google

50 Toughest Product Management Interview Questions Asked at Google

PM interviews are designed to evaluate candidates on their ability to lead a team wit...

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craft personal story to land PM jobs

Crafting the ultimate personal story to land Product Management Jobs

The thing with Product Management is that it never is just one skill. It is always an...

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what is needed to have an impeccable product launch

Key Ingredients of an Impeccable Product Launch Strategy

Here are a few key elements product managers can incorporate in their launch plans to...

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resume examples for engineering manager interview

Resume Examples and Preparation - Engineering Manager Interview

Resume preparation for Engineering Manager, with some examples and tips:......

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Books to have in your reading list as a Product Manager

Some books for product managers to get new ideas about time management, prioritizatio...

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how does mock interview work

How Does a Mock Interview Work: Setting Goals and Feedback Expectations

Want to know how mock interviews work? Here's a few details to help you get the best ...

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leadership traits and skills resume

Leadership Skills for Resume — The 2023 Guide

Looking to boost your authority in resume by demonstrating leadership skills? Here ar...

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tips on how to solve coding problems in interviews

7 Tips on How to Approach and Solve Coding Problems Successfully

If you hope to excel at writing code and land the job of your dreams, you should begi...

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what Google interviewers look for in a TPM candidate

Deepdive - What Google interviewers look for in Technical Program Manager interviews

A candidate has to undergo up to eight gruelling interview sessions to finally land a...

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preparing for product manager interview

Resume Preparation for Product Manager Interview - Tips and Examples

Looking to apply and book a Product Manager interview? Here's how to prep your resume...

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Mock interview

What Are Mock Interviews? Why Should You Choose Prepfully's Mock Interview Services for Interview Preparation?

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data scientist interview resume preparation

Resume Preparation for Data Scientist Interview

Preparing your resume to apply for data scientist role at big tech? Here's a guide fo...

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Tips to build product manager resume for FAANG organizations

5 Tips to Build an Impactful Product Manager Resume for FAANG Organizations

For a recruiter, only 6 seconds are enough to know if your resume stands out from oth...

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guide become a technical program manager

Soup-to-Nuts Guide to Becoming a Technical Program Manager

A comprehensive guide on how to start your career as a technical program manager at t...

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product manager resume tips

Product Manager Resume Tips To Help You Land a PM Job!      

The perfect resume for product managers is a tough nut to crack. Most of all, it is i...

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How to become a Product Manager: Step-by-step guide

This guide covers all the steps you'd typically need to take, to become a Product Man...

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career path of a product manager

Career path of a Product Manager

How can one ensure growth in a product management career over the years?......

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networking tips for product managers

Networking Tips for Product Managers in 2021

It is important to invest efforts into cultivating relationships with professionals a...

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5 stages in the career path of a technical program manager

The 5 stages in the Career Path of a Technical Program Manager

Given the increased demand for this role, Technical Program Managers is an excellent ...

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Group Product Managers vs. Principal Product Managers: Differences in Job Responsibilities

In this article, we will compare two of the most important positions in product manag...

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Prep Guide for Amazon Behavioral Interview

Prep Guide for Amazon Behavioral Interview

Getting a job at big tech companies can be quite challenging - this stands especially...

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what is Googleyness in Google TPM interview

How to project "Googleyness" in the Google TPM Interview

From YouTube to Maps to worldwide search to Ads to Android, some of today's most used...

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Why choose peer interview practice at Prepfully?

What is Peer Interview Practice? Why Choose Peer Interview Practice at Prepfully?

Peer interview is a robust practice to gain insightful feedback from peers (individua...

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Key Ingredients of an Impeccable Product Launch Strategy

Key Ingredients of an Impeccable Product Launch Strategy

Making sure you have a stellar product is only half the job done; the other half is e...

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how to tackle prioritization questions in product management interviews

Prioritization Framework in Product Management Interviews

In this article, we'll familiarize you with some highly-effective, goal-first priorit...

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how to succeed at technical program manager interviews

7 Tips to Succeed at Technical Program Manager Job Interview

TPMs require a broad spectrum of technical and non-technical skills to manage technic...

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writing exercise in Amazon TPM interview

Writing Exercise in Amazon TPM Interview

Amazon, in addition to these stages, also requires candidates to complete a writing a...

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mock interviews for product management role

Mock Interviews for Product Management Job Interview

In this post, we look at benefits of mock interviews when you are trying to land a pr...

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good and bad leadership skills

The Good And The Bad: List Of Leadership Skills To Embrace And Discard

Let's look at the good and bad qualities that leaders can possess......

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Product Designer Interview Preparation

Product Designer Interview Preparation

In this post, we are going to discuss various aspects of the product designer intervi...

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details about system design interviews

Comprehensive Breakdown of Systems Design Interviews

Systems Design is among the more advanced and important topics for those wishing to s...

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product manager job interview preparation

Interview Preparation for Product Manager Role

Product manager job interviews require you to check a lot of tick boxes. ......

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mock interviews for big tech jobs

Tips for getting the most out of Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a vital tool for cracking the coveted jobs in big tech. Here's ho...

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hiring decisions in mock interviews for FAANG organizations

Interpreting mock interview "hiring decisions"

How do I use mock interview "Hiring Decisions" to judge if I am ready for my live int...

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The most underrated tactic for landing a Product Manager Job: Side Projects

An impressive side project makes your resume stand apart for the recruiter from the b...

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5 reasons why people fail to crack product management jobs

5 common reasons why people fail to crack Product Management jobs at Big Tech

Product management is not a conventional role. It requires competent business skills,...

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Role of Technical Program Managers

The Value of a Morning Huddle for TPMs

With skilled TPMs at the forefront of business strategy, modern companies can deliver...

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how to crack Google TPM interview

Role-related Knowledge and Experience - Google TPM Interview

What are the skills, role-related knowledge and experience levels required to nail a ...

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software engineering interviews at big tech

Software Engineering Interviews at Big Tech

This article here talks about different considerations you should have about software...

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Must prepare Amazon interview questions

Must-prep Amazon Interview Questions

The most commonly asked Amazon interview questions can be situational and behavioral....

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boost job interview conversion with mock interviews

Boost Your Job Interview Conversion with Mock Interviews

Benefits of mock interviews are truly countless. Let's look at how practice interview...

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mock interviews for google roles

Increasing Chances to Land Google Job with Mock Interviews

Improve your chances of success at Google job interview with mock interviews. Here's ...

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