DoorDash Product Manager


The role of a DoorDash Product Manager

Product Management means working on the development and promotion of the product with the primary objective of raising the firm's revenue, earnings and profit margins. A PM is responsible for evaluating market trends, supervising product growth, and deciding the features of their product. The interviews are challenging due to the amount of decision-making involved in the process and the inclusion of a broad range of topics with a variety of questions.

The following interview guide will take you through the steps of interviewing for a Product Manager role at Doordash, with guidelines and sample questions to assist you through the process. 

Interview Guide

You begin the interview process by applying online or via a recruiter. Without a doubt, your resume is essential in the assessment of your application, but it is not the only factor. The interview process is divided into several stages:

  • Phone screen with a recruiter
  • Take home assessments
  • Phone screen with hiring manager and current PM
  • On-site interview

The process can take up to 2-3 weeks.


Before applying for a role, you should research the organization to learn about its mission, values, community, and products. This knowledge is important when interviewing with recruiters, hiring managers, and other employees to demonstrate how you fit with the company. 

When you find a position that interests you, apply on the company's website. But that is not the end of the process. Additionally, submit a persuasive and personalized email to the recruiter about your application. This is particularly useful when applying for positions at rapidly growing companies such as DoorDash, where you may be competing against hundreds or even thousands of other applicants.

Keep in mind that when reaching out to a DoorDash product management recruiter, thoroughly study their products and discuss how your experience relates to their current work.

Round 1


The first interview will be conducted over the phone with a product management recruiter. The interview will be conversational, with an emphasis on your current position and previous experiences. This interview is an excellent chance to discuss any questions you might have about the role or interview process. Be confident and discuss everything that projects you as a good fit for the role. While people are preparing to land a product management job, this is one of the most important factors they must consider. The interview will last up to 30 mins.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Your past experiences.
  • Your current job.
  • Your ability to adapt to the workplace setting.


  • Most of the time, your interview will begin with a review of your resume, so make sure you understand every detail in and around it.
  • Check to see if you can explain what you wrote on your resume with examples and descriptions. Failure to do so will cause the interviewer to be skeptical. Try addressing situational questions with real-life examples.

Interview Questions

  • What are the top three traits you look for in a company?
  • Have you used our service before?
  • Tell me about your current job.
  • Describe one previous experience from your resume.

Take-Home Assessments

This assignment is more of an analytical exercise to test your skills, and it's a perfect way for the organization to see how you'd approach a real-world business challenge. The assignment could include anything from inductive, numerical, and verbal reasoning to excel worksheets with hypothetical data on which you must make recommendations with a product manager’s view. 

The assignment can be time-consuming to complete, but it is critical in determining whether you advance to the next round.

Round 2


The second interview is another phone screen, except this time it is arranged by a Hiring Manager who may be accompanied by a currently working PM. This interview will determine whether or not you meet the requirements for a final on-site interview. Note that:

  • The interview will be about 40 mins long.
  • The PM interview at DoorDash is divided into two parts: product prioritization and product sense.

What the interviewer will assess

  • If you can come up with ideas in a short period of time.
  • Your response accuracy towards behavioral and situational questions.
  • Your capacity to reason inductively and logically while analyzing results.
  • Your core PM competencies (product ideation, brainstorming, prioritization, MVP thinking, execution, metrics and iteration skills), as well as your experience in the field.


  • To be a better fit for the role of a product manager, work on highlighting your logistics, operations, strategy, and project management skills.
  • Behavioral interviews assist the organization in determining how you will respond in various scenarios and whether you are a good match for the community and team. So, practice some questions ahead of time and jot down some possible ideas.

Interview Questions

  • What will you do to improve Spotify?
  • Suppose you are a PM at Spotify. What steps will you take to improve engagement?
  • You own six pizza shops in town and want to increase your sales. Would you create a smartphone app or use Uber Eats?
  • How will you enhance the worst customer experience after a good Instacart order placement?
  • How can you put your theory to the test?
  • How can you boost DoorDash's post-booking experience after the user has placed their order?

Round 3


The next stage is a series of in-person interviews with the department head, recruiters and the product team. Depending on the interviewers, you might expect this round to last anywhere from 30-75 mins. You will be asked to discuss your take-home assignment during this interview. 

You will be asked hypothetical questions in the interview, as well as checked on your technical skills and past work experiences. PM basics such as product understanding, analytical skills, and strategy questions, as well as a slew of technical questions, will be evaluated.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Your comprehension of the firm.
  • Your past experiences and success record.
  • Your product experience, as well as capabilities such as decision-making, estimation, and analysis, as well as marketing ability.


  • This interview will attempt to extract your personality as well as how you will fit into the company and work. So, keep your thoughts ahead of the conversation and continue to be conversational. Take part in answering questions and sharing your ideas.
  • Interviewers want to know more about you than your skills and experience. So , you will be required to go through multiple rounds of interviews. Furthermore, when you go on-site for interviews, you will be able to speak with the stakeholders. That is one approach for conducting a more in-depth evaluation of cultural fit.

Interview Questions

  •  What would you prioritize next if you were in charge of LinkedIn?
  • How would you develop the AirBnB recommendation algorithm for guests?
  • How do you define success when it comes to Yelp reviews?
  • You work as a PM for a food delivery app. Over the last week, restaurant supply has decreased by 10%. What are you going to do about it?
  • At Instacart, you work as a PM. What do you believe can go wrong after the customer places an order?
  • What are the most common issues that arise during the delivery process after a customer has placed an order?
  • What improvements will you make to Doordash?
  • Create a product that assists teenagers in finding new places to eat.
  • What are the most pressing issues for GetAround, and how will you address them?
  • Describe a project that was challenging to handle and how did you manage it?
  • What is your communication and leadership style?
  • When do you realize a project has gotten off track?
  • How can you get a project back on track if it is falling behind schedule?
  • Do you have budgeting experience?
  • Have you worked with remote teams or outsourced resources?
  • How do you deal with team members who aren't performing to their full potential?
  • How do you cope with being overburdened or underperforming?
  • How do you collaborate with clients, sponsors, and stakeholders?
  • Do you look for assistance outside of the project team?
  • What is the most serious misstep you've taken on a project?

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The Hiring Process

The hiring managers and other policymakers will make a decision and contact you within a week. They will then introduce you to the package with which you will be recruited.