Uber Product Manager

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The role of an Uber Product Manager

Product management is a job profile that requires you to work on product development and product marketing where the main objective is to maximize sales, revenues and, profit margins. A PM is broadly responsible for analyzing market conditions, supervising the production of the product and, defining its features. The factor that complicates the working of a PM is the amount of decision-making in the process. This is one of the reasons the interviews are rather challenging, consisting of a wide range of questions from different topics.

When it comes to Uber, the company uses a unique mode of assessment called a “Jam Session”.

This interview guide takes you step by step through the interview process of a Product Manager at Uber, providing you all the necessary tips and sample questions to give you the perfect head start.

Interview Guide

Uber is a very data-driven company and provides a wide range of services: ride-sharing, food delivery and even logistics. Product Managers convert ideas into real-life products and services that add immense value to Uber’s customer and partner ecosystem.

The interview process can take as long as 3 months, starting from your initial application to getting your offer letter. It generally consists of three steps:

  1. A phone call with a recruiter (about 30 mins)
  2. A telephonic interview (about 45-50 mins)
  3. Several on-site interviews (about 45 mins each)

However, to qualify for the above steps you first need a quality resume and cover letter, highlighting your PM positions. Once you are shortlisted, you will be called for interviews within a week.

Round 1


The first step into the process will probably be an interview with a recruiter or a hiring manager. This is usually quite casual and the interviewer will ask you questions based on your resume and cover letter. You should be ready to talk about your past experiences and expect some behavioral questions as well. Here, communication is the key.

If you pass this stage, you will be working towards the next step and hear from them within a week.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Given the nature of the work, if your behavior is a match.
  • As an applicant, what do you expect the job to entail?
  • Your background and past experiences.


  • Keep your past work handy so that whenever the topic comes you are already prepared to discuss it.
  • Try to practice communication. Being able to talk is always a useful tool to carry.
  • Have a clear and crisp reason for applying to Uber and how you can excel there.

Interview Questions

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What is your greatest accomplishment to you till date?
  • How will you launch Uber in a new city?
  • Describe the qualities that you feel make you eligible for this job.

Round 2


This step is a telephonic interview or a video conference call with an Uber Product Manager or Hiring Manager. This interview focuses more on PM and analytical questions and your knowledge in the field. Some highlights are:

  • The interview will last for about 45 to 50 mins.
  • There will be a bunch of behavioral questions.
  • The main focus will be on some common PM questions including some technical and analytical ones.
  • Most candidates receive the results within a week.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Your previous work experience and how it relates to the job.
  • Your experience in the area, as well as your ability to demonstrate PM core competencies.
  • Your ability to think critically and interpret information on-the-fly.
  • Your dedication to your job.


  • Uber is a company that is heavily dependent on data. Learn how to interpret metrics and how they can be linked to one another. This is critical because Uber PMs use internal dashboards and software to make decisions based on data regularly.
  • There's a fair chance the interviewer will ask you about some of Uber's and its competitors' latest goods and services, and you'll be asked for your opinions on them. So doing some research and preparing a few points beforehand, would be useful.

Interview Questions

  • How can you boost Uber's user base?
  • According to one figure, there are more Uber drop-offs at the airport than Uber pick-ups at the airport. Why is this the case, and what can you do to improve it inside the product?
  • In 2025, how big will the demand for self-driving cars be?
  • If you could change anything you wanted about Uber, what would this be?
  • Give an example of a product that is poorly constructed.

Round 3


At this stage, you will be called for an on-site interview in the Uber offices. There will be four interviews, one of which will be a ‘Jam Session'. The interviews are very interactive and conversational. You'll speak with not only product managers, but also data scientists, marketers, and engineers during the four interviews. You will explore measurements and how you operate with data scientists to make data-driven decisions. You'll discuss how you build go-to-market strategies with marketers. Engineers, meanwhile - would like to see how you approach technological issues. Some important points are:

  • Each interview will last up to 45 mins.
  • You'll be checked on PM basics such as product awareness, analytical skills, and strategy questions along with a bunch of technical ones.
  • The interviews are concluded with a jam session.

What the interviewer will assess

  • Your understanding of the organization.
  • Your track record and success rate.
  • Your interviewer is attempting to gauge your understanding of different topics such as:
  1. Decision making
  2. Estimation and analysis
  3. Technical problems
  4. Marketing skills


  • Interviewers like to see your practical approach towards a particular problem. Discuss how you will introduce a product to the market and how you will address any launch issues. Consider if you can re-engage consumers who have abandoned the product and are no longer using it.
  • You'll be judged for how you interact with others, how you handle constructive criticism in the workplace, and how you think. Make sure you keep calm and collected, and methodically address any challenges your interviewer might make - it's easy to panic in these circumstances!
  • This stage checks your impact, execution, leadership, scope and technical depth. Be sure to master all your skills beforehand.

Interview Questions

  • For Uber or Lyft, how would you design surge pricing?
  • Lyft is looking to expand into India. What should the course of action be?
  • How will you design a library for the future?
  • You function for Uber as a PM. Come up with a couple of revenue-boosting techniques.
  • On Lyft, drivers are abandoning a neighborhood. What's the best way to find out what's going on?
  • You have a grocery delivery service that brings food to your door within 24 hours. To run it, how many trucks will you need?
  • Customer turnover is caused by late deliveries. What data do we look at for a food delivery app to prove this hypothesis?
  • How will you build a car-sharing app for disabled people similar to Uber?
  • Amazon has about 40% fake reviews. How can you approach the issue as a PM at Amazon? Make a three-part answer — 1. How can you spot a bogus review? 2. How are you going to proceed? 3. What effect will a reduction in the number of fake reviews have?
  • How will you launch Uber in a new city?
  • Design a referral system for a grocery app.
  • What is Lyft's strategy for breaking into the private ambulance market?

Remember, the interviews are more like a casual conversation but the interviewers are testing your skills. So, make sure you are alert at all times and keep your answers short, crisp and, to the point.

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The 'Jam Session'

Uber's PM interviews are probably most notable for the jam session. If you've trained for PM interviews at other firms, these skills can come in handy during your Uber loop interviews and phone screens. However, you'll need a different preparation approach when it comes to the jam session. You will be participating in a problem-solving session with 2-3 other Uber employees. You'll likely be ping-ponging ideas back and forth. Jam sessions are usually focused on a real-world issue that Uber is dealing with. A few hints to ace the session are:

  • Be data-driven
  • Consider a multi-sided market
  • Maintain your point of view in a polite manner
  • Make sure you take different perspectives into account
  • Keep track of time
  • Ensure you’re guiding the conversation in the direction you’ve decided makes most sense

The Hiring and Decision Process

Your interviewers will debrief and discuss your results after the on-site interview. They'll spend 30-45 minutes reviewing how you performed, questions you asked, and standout ideas you shared. Each interviewer will give the individual a yes or no answer, and if there is a dispute, there will be further discussions before everyone agrees. You will receive an offer letter within a week if you are recommended by a majority of the interviewers.


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