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Have you overseen the creation of a product from its conception to its release?

14 days ago

In your Product Management career, what do you hope to achieve?

a month ago

Show me an example of how you have built a feature based on data.

6 months ago

How would you define the vision of your team? How would you ensure buy-in?

9 months ago

How and why did you fail to achieve success on a key metric recently?

a year ago

Pick an app on your phone and tell me what you do and don’t like about it. How would you prioritize and fix the things you don’t like?

a year ago

Describe a project where you feel you had enormous impact. What kind of data did you use when making decisions?

a year ago

What would be your launch strategy for a new product?

a year ago

What happened when you disagreed with one of your technical stakeholders and how did you resolve that disagreement?

a year ago

Do you have a specific philosophy about working with engineering teams?

a year ago

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