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Yelp Product Manager Interview Guide

Interview Guide Sep 29

The role of a Yelp Product Manager

The product manager role in an organization is quite demanding, complex, and exciting, especially in a company like Yelp that mainly focuses on customer-oriented service. From creating business strategies to handling projects, there are a lot of strategies involved with the vision of developing a quality product. These individuals are responsible for building innovative data products, product reporting tools, and analytics for consumer behavior.

As a Yelp product manager, you will work towards developing deep insight into data consumers and addressing critical issues of the product. You will have the leverage of working with an experienced and qualified team, a product having actual value, and also earn good incentives. Moreover, the Yelp product manager's salary is attractive for both experienced and young candidates. If you are one of those having the skills to improve data analytics and like to work with data scientists, data engineers, and finance, you must apply for this role.

However, one must pass through several interview sessions to earn this job role. Having handy product manager interview questions can help prepare well and get insight.

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Responsibility of a Product Manager at Yelp

As a part of product manager jobs at Yelp, there are specific roles you need to play, which include-

  • Lead in building products with features for local business owners for a solid online presence.
  • Work along with Data Scientists, Marketing Teams, Engineering Design, and other teams
  • Work with field engineers to build necessary data infrastructure and pipelines for analytic requirements.
  • Understand and produce data product documents to fulfill the needs of the organization.
  • Regularly communicate with senior authorities and other team heads to fill clear vision.
  • Analyze data and understand key points about the core products helping to influence long-term user retention.

Skills/ Qualifications

  • Technical or analytical background
  • The candidate must be a problem solver with a growth mindset.
  • Should be able to draw data-driven decisions and plan steps accordingly.
  • The candidate must have active knowledge of Python and SQL for conducting analysis.
  • The individual must have effective communication skills to translate and put forward both technical and non-technical information.
  • Yelp looks for keen collaborators and customer-oriented candidates who can handle cross-functional teams by cooperating and working with them. 
  • The candidate must cater to customers' needs and wants to contribute effectively to the company's growth and revenue generation.

Yelp Product Manager's Salary

The average salary of a Product Manager at Yelp ranges between $173,000 to $183,000 per annum.

Interview Guide for Product Manager Job at Yelp

To apply for this highly responsible job role, the applicant must have a clear idea about the interview process and the questions to be asked. Yelp product manager salary is determined according to experience and how well the candidate performs in the interview.

Generally, there are 3 rounds of interview sessions for Yelp's product manager post. However, the number of interview- rounds mostly depend upon the team that is hiring.

  • Recruiter Phone Interview Screening
  • Technical Interview
  • Virtual On-Site Round

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Recruiter Phone Interview Screening


You will be asked about your experience, roles, and skills. It is a question and answers session where you will be tested on your previous work experience and general knowledge. There is no compulsion that you need to be perfect in this section; it's ok to go wrong when answering for general knowledge.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself; walk me through your resume
  • Talk to me about a feature or project you've launched
  • What product do you like and why?
  • How many projects have you worked on, and show us a few of your previously handled projects?
  • Give a brief about your current or previous team. What was the way to delegate responsibilities to the teammates?
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Technical Interview


The senior manager or any higher authority from Yelp will check the candidate's technical skills.

Interview Questions

  • How would you improve one thing from the existing Yelp app.
  • Design a table booking app for restaurants.
  • How would you create a list of top brunch spots in the country?
  • New bookings is up 10k, quotes is down 8k, phone calls is down 5k. How would you interpret this?
  • Come up with the top brunch spots in the country for a magazine. Come up with an equation that takes all the factors into consideration.
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Virtual On-site Round


Virtual On-site Round includes-

  • Practical Technical Interview
  • Communication Test
  • Behavioral Round

There could be added interview rounds about which you will get a notification beforehand. It is best to be well-prepared for all rounds of interviews.

Interview Questions

  • They show a random page on Yelp and ask how would you use it and redesign it?
  • How will you solve idea conflicts within your team?
  • How will you handle the low-performance ratio of your team?
  • Please describe a situation where you handled the deadline skillfully?
  • Tell us the most creative way you came up with while working in the complex nature of product development.

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Interview Tips for Product Manager Candidate for Yelp

When you are preparing for the product manager interview at Yelp, a few of the interview tips you need to keep in mind are-

  • It is vital to approach questions systematically. Approach a question from the top down and explain things clearly through strategies or solutions to the problem. Explain the process. You can refer to CAR framework for answering behavioral questions.
  • Don't indulge in objective truths unless you have the data and facts ready.
  • Be confident. Try answering as much as possible and give each a solid approach.
  • Prepare to answer by showcasing your analytical skills and problem-solving skills.


Always go beyond the knowledge and information you hold that is not presented in your resume. Familiarizing with technical jargon is the best way to prove your technical skills. Also ensure to prepare well through a mock interview for a product manager role as that could be a game changer for you to have an easy interview session. Do check out the Prepfully interview guides and interview questions for Yelp Product Manager role before facing the recruiter at Yelp.