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Indeed Senior Engineering Manager Interview Guide

Interview Guide Jul 29

The role of an Indeed Senior Engineering Manager

A software platform developed for business and in-house purposes is the prime factor that enables a company to be more efficient in operations in this competitive world. The development and maintenance of such a platform for better output and steady growth are significant. For this, giants like Indeed need a strong team of senior engineering managers to ensure that development, maintenance, and support are on the right track.

The need for a Senior Engineering Manager in the team can be realized from the different segments of front and back-end development and support, new intuitive feature integration, database management, etc. A senior engineering manager, heading a group of software engineers, takes care of the delegated responsibilities and ensures progress on the right track. In other words, a senior engineer manager works on building the backbone of any project undertaken. Setting up standards and giving the right direction to the team is what is expected from a senior engineer manager.

How to Apply for Indeed Senior Engineering Manager Job?

The job openings can be discovered in the ‘Work at Indeed’ section right at the bottom of the website’s homepage. You can also seek information from LinkedIn and other available popular job portals.

You can approach them and let your resume be directed straight to the concerned department. To ensure that your resume is Indeed ready to increase the probability of selection for the job interview, you can opt for the resume review service at Prepfully and have your resume reviewed by an expert. 

Responsibilities of an Indeed Senior Engineering Manager

  • Helping to build new products to offer to the users
  • Focus on building teams with proper training and delegation of responsibilities
  • Building scalable systems by using your experience in digital ads ecosystem development. You must focus on targeting, optimization, serving, ad rendering, data pipelines, etc.
  • Focusing on implementing the best engineering practices per industrial protocols by leading the technical design team
  • Developing and implementing a strategic development plan with hands-on coding and delegation of roles
  •  Heading the process of the development of intelligent ad systems to enable employers to find the best professional profiles to connect with and recruit
  • Developing ad systems to understand the job profiles and connect the job seekers accordingly for better conversions
  • Helping to scale an existing data infrastructure for the massive sets of data for enabling huge database lookups
  • Focusing and helping on scaling a data pipeline to offer a better platform for real-time processing of huge data related to user behavior
  • Developing ownership over the things you have built and shaped products in due course of time
  • Learning how to iterate and offer a technical vision to the team to recognize a proper direction to follow
  • Working closely with the design teammates and product managers for the overall improvement of the website sections witnessing the highest traffic, such as and job search homepage section
  • Working closely with the stakeholders and product managers to enable them to leverage components you have developed
  •  Quick adaptation to the fast-growing work culture and industry by running analytical experiments.
  • Focusing on the teammates and others to understand their strengths and help delegate specific responsibilities accordingly for generating job satisfaction and higher productivity among concerned profiles

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of 11 years of experience as a software engineer or in any relevant role
  •  3+ years of industry exposure in mentorship and leadership roles
  •  6+ years of software development experience in the industry
  • Experience related to managing a team of at least four technical professionals in the past.
  • Good experience in the Big Data ecosystem
  • Passionate about understanding and using Big Data trends and technologies for solving challenging problems in the advertising segment of the job portal.
  • Showing passion for work and solving problems
  •  Showing passion for collaborative work and driving others to success with proper encouragement
  • Must have a strong ownership sense of everything you developed over time
  • A Bachelor of Science or Technology in Computer Science of disciplines relevant to the job description

Interview Process with Tips for Indeed Senior Engineering Manager

An interview is usually arranged either telephonically or physically. In most cases, the job interviews in the initial stage for the Indeed Senior Engineering Manager role are handled telephonically. The interview panel determines the rounds.

Round 1: Phone Screening

Round 2: Technical Round

Relevant Guides

Phone Screening


The recruiter contacts the candidate and asks quick questions related to previous roles, projects, and resume-related information. 

The recruiter will also ask questions related to the projects you have completed or participated in. An applicant might also be asked about the current or previous job role. 

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Technical Round


The questions will revolve around website architecture, engineering management, resume deep diving, code review, and coding challenges. So, it is best to have a good job interview practice before giving this interview round.

The interviewer also asks fundamental software development and experience questions along with real-time coding queries. 

Further interview rounds (if any) are generally disclosed after passing the technical interview round. 

If you wish to check some of the technical questions, just to get a hold of how this firm likes to test you, you can also check some of the interview questions asked in the Indeed Software Engineer interview.

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Sample Questions of Indeed Senior Engineering Manager Interview

We have listed below some top Interview Questions for Senior Engineering Manager position you can be prepared with:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to join Indeed?
  • Why do you think you are the ideal applicant for this Indeed Senior Engineering Manager position?
  • What are the responsibilities you expect to be delegated to you by Indeed?
  • Tell us about your current or previous team. What was the way to delegate responsibilities to the teammates?
  •  How will you handle it if your team performance ratio is low?
  • When you are working on a project which involves different teams, how will you drive an alignment for project success?
  • Give an example of a tough problem you solved, why you made xyz particular choice, and write code.
  • How do you break down large, complex projects for your team?

Interview Tips

  • One of the icebreakers is the ‘tell me about yourself question'. Make sure you add something that is not in the resume. Repeating the same thing will not be ideal. Say something that reflects your good professional and interpersonal skills.
  • Highlight your skill set whenever you can and make it relevant to the job role.
  •  Be precise and intuitive while answering. Since you are applying for the senior post in Indeed, you must present yourself with leadership qualities.

Be sure why you want to apply for the Indeed Senior Engineering Manager position. Learn what skills you need to be the fittest applicant for this job. Master confidence and answer tricky questions related to new job applications, why leaving your current employer, etc. Be familiar with the technical jargon and use them whenever you get a chance.

If you wish to take your preparation up a notch, or maybe just to feel more confident, you should check out our guides and check out the questions asked in the Meta Engineering Manager interview and Google Engineering Manager interview.