Frequently asked questions

What’s the reschedule and cancellation policy?

Reschedules are tricky.

We need to balance your (the candidate's) need for flexibility, with your coaches' need for certainty that the time they're blocking will manifest in a payout. Many Prepfully coaches support mocks across a range of platforms, and we expect them to decline these paid commitments once a Prepfully session is locked in.

Having said, that for both candidates and coaches -- sometimes, "life happens", and a reschedule is needed. Therefore, we help out when we can.

In much the same way as when you book a flight - if you need to change the date, you will need to pay for this change. If you miss the flight (i.e. your session), your coach will still need to be paid for it, so you cannot get a refund if you don't show up. But if your flight gets cancelled (i.e. if your coach cancels your session), you get a free reschedule, or a no-questions-asked full refund.

We only charge where we need to, when there are either costs to cover coach fees, or support / staffing costs to assist with reschedules. We try to make charges are reasonable as possible, unlike a lot of our competition who absolutely refuse to assist with reschedules less than 24 hours away.

Quite a few reschedule and cancellation options are available for free. From the moment you book a session, until the session time is locked in, your reschedule is free. Likewise, if your session is far out and you cancel with a good amount of notice, and don't have a history of abusing this modification functionality - Prepfully usually waives the modification costs too.

However, if your session is just around the corner, your coach will naturally expect to be paid for the time they blocked. Therefore, for modifications less than 24 hours away - there is a 50% modification fee. And if you miss your session, regretfully there is not much we can refund for this, unless you explicitly agree to a free reschedule with your coach in-session.

In this context, here is a simple overview of modification costs:

  • From booking time - until the session time is locked in, pausing a session, modifying your availability, or cancellation is FREE.
  • Once session time is locked in - until 24h prior to the session time - Reschedules, cancellations or changes cost 25$/modification
  • From 24h before the session time - session time - Reschedules, cancellations or changes cost 50% of the session price.
  • After the session has started (no-shows) - reschedules or cancellations isn't possible, unless your coach didn't show up, in which case you are entitled to a full refund or a free reschedule.

Please reach out to for any questions or concerns, or if you encounter a bug.