Frequently asked questions

What’s the reschedule and cancellation policy?


Costs of pause/reschedules/changes/cancellations:

From booking time - until the session time is locked in

  • Pausing a session is FREE
  • Slot modification is FREE
  • Cancellation is FREE (PayPal doesn't refund payment fees though, usually around 5%)

From session time being locked in - until 24h prior to the session time

  • Reschedules, cancellations or changes cost 25$/change

From 24h before the session time - session time

  • Cancellations and reschedules cost 50% of the session price.

After the session has started (no-shows)

  • Reschedules and cancellations are not possible, unless the expert didn't show up.

Please reach out to for any questions or concerns, or if you encounter a bug.