Frequently asked questions

My expert hasn't joined the session.

Once 15min have passed, you will be able to mark your coach as a no-show. Please use the "Mark expert as no-show" button in your session page. This button can only be clicked within the session window.

Your expert gets notified to join when you start marking them as a no-show. If they join in late - rest assured that they'll provide a full 60-minute session to you.

If a coach doesn't show up even after 15-minutes, you can choose between a free reschedule and a full refund.

Either way - we know that no-shows are super inconvenient and jarring; and therefore try very hard to minimize this. Coaches who don't show up twice in a row without an extremely good reason, are just removed from Prepfully, no matter how good they are. This keeps coach no-shows to less than 0.25% of all sessions.