Frequently asked questions

My expert hasn't joined the session.

If your expert hasn't joined the session, please follow these steps

  • Stand by for 5-10min. Sometimes (especially on weekdays) they might simply be running late from a previous meeting. Do rest assured that they will provide a full 60-minute session to you.
  • Notify us. If the expert still hasn't shown up after 10 minutes - please take a screenshot, and reply to any of your confirmation or reminder emails to let us know. If we are online, we will help right away.
  • Drop off after waiting for 15-20min. We deeply apologize for this situation and will figure out a new slot for you immediately, ideally with a new expert. If you prefer a refund, we can also issue this right away.

This happens super rarely (usually an expert facing some sort of emergency); but we know that doesn't make it any easier to bear.