Frequently asked questions

I'd like to book multiple sessions. Can I get a discount?


The discount depends on how many sessions you book, and the role for which you are interviewing.

Here's an estimation:

For mocks with a first-session price of 99$, the discount is as follows:

  • 5-7 sessions booked together: 50$ discount applied (~10% off)
  • 8-10 sessions booked together: 100$ discount applied (~13% off)
  • 11+ sessions booked together: 150$ discount applied (~15% off)

Important considerations

  • Sessions booked can be used across 1 year. However, they must be invoiced together i.e. paid in one go.
  • The first session doesn't count towards the bulk booking since it is already steeply discounted.
  • Profile-specific charges are waived in all bulk bookings (i.e. same expert, new expert etc). However, we can't guarantee specific/new experts for all sessions since this depends on expert availability - we'll try our best to achieve your requests.
  • If a session is cancelled/refunded for any reason - the discount will be removed or reduced first depending on total #sessions completed.
  • If you'd like to book additional sessions after completing the discounted ones, the price will default to the original.

If you'd like to book multiple sessions, and are interested in the discount level - please email us on However, we'd always recommend doing 1 session first and assessing for yourself how useful the service is, before making a bulk booking.