Frequently asked questions

How do I provide additional requirements?

You can provide special requirements to your expert in the special requests field.

For specific roles, you can also specify the interview type you're looking for (eg. for Engineering roles - coding, system design etc). Do note, some interview types are priced differently; eg. System design mocks are sometimes 25$ higher than coding mocks since they rely on more senior experts who have sufficient expertise to take these sorts of interviews.

If you have a request to Prepfully, please send this to us via email. Some special requests we try to support include:

- Urgent requests i.e. less than 48 hours away. There is an extra fee of 49$ for sessions within the next 24h, and an extra fee of 29$ for requests within the next 48h.

- Experts from a specific location (often free for Product and Engineering roles in Google, Meta, Amazon etc, where nearly all our coaches have worked in the US but charged for companies or roles with fewer experts - up to 100$ extra depending on geography)

- Experts with a specific "years of experience" level (25$-200$ extra, and we can't always guarantee this since we might not have an expert whom fulfils your request - we'll let you know upfront if we can't)

- Experts with a specific seniority title (For instance, if you select "UX designer", we will avoid matching you with "Sr. UX Designers" since they are priced differently. And the opposite works too; if you request a Sr Product Manager you won't be matched with a Junior or Core level Product Manager.)

- A specific expert profile (eg. one you might have seen on our YouTube channel, or a previous expert you might have encountered which you want to target or exclude). Exclusions cost 10$. Targeting a specific expert profile can cost between 25$ and 200$ extra depending on the expert.

Please note, if we're unable to fulfil your requirements, we'll always provide a list of alternative profile options to choose from over email. And if none of them work for you - we either won't collect payment, or issue a full refund if you've already paid.