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Tell us about a time you failed to meet a key metric and why?

6 months ago

Name a company that in your opinion has not done very well.

7 months ago

What was your role in the project you're most proud of? What made you so proud of your accomplishment?

8 months ago

How do you prioritize among competing features?

a year ago

Tell me about a product you love. How would you track success for this product? What would you improve?

a year ago

Please describe your failure to reach a metric over the past two years.

a year ago

Do you have a favourite non-DB product? If so, why? What would you want to change in order to improve it?

a year ago

In what order do you prioritize market demands?

a year ago

Tell me about a time when you had to convince someone to work on something they weren't interested in.

a year ago

If you had to pitch a new business to Jeff Bezos, what would you recommend?

2 years ago

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