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Can you share a time when you spotted a bigger opportunity than what everyone thought it would be?

2 months ago

If you had to pitch a new business to Jeff Bezos, what would you recommend?

5 months ago

Name a product that you love. What would you do to improve that product if you didn't have any limitations for engineering or financials?

5 months ago

Tell me about an innovative product you worked on from scratch.

7 months ago

Can you tell me a story about finding more opportunity in a topic than initially estimated?

9 months ago

When and why have you failed to achieve success on a key metric in the recent past?

10 months ago

Describe a company that you believe has not done well.

10 months ago

How would you improve a great product by 10 times?

a year ago

Tell me about the project you're most proud of. What were your responsibilities? What makes you so proud of this accomplishment?

a year ago

Have you ever been responsible for the development and release of a product?

a year ago

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