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Can you name a product that you think is great? Can you make it ten times better?

Tell me about a time you identified an opportunity that needed a lot of persuasion for people to buy into.

Describe the characteristics of a good leader according to you. Of these, which do you think will be important as a TPM at TourRadar?

System Design
What would be your design for a Netflix database for movies?

Tell me about a situation when you needed to learn something outside of work. How did it help you? How will this be useful if you're a Technical Program Manager at TourRadar?

System Design
Can you tell me how you would design a new hotel booking system?

Could you tell me about a tough technical challenge you overcame in the past, and how your learnings are applicable to TourRadar?

System Design
If you had to design an online collaborative editor (e.g. Google Docs), what would you do?

Program Management
How do you deal with conflicting priorities? This will be a frequent scenario you'll face as a TPM at TourRadar.

Program Management
How would you handle new requirements in the middle of a project you're managing at TourRadar?

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