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Share with me an innovative product you came up with entirely from scratch.

14 days ago

Would you display phone numbers in a local search for restaurants? How would you make this decision?

a month ago

Tell me about a time when users didn't like the UI that an engineer built.

3 months ago

Describe a project where you believe you had a significant impact. What data did you use to make decisions?

8 months ago

What was one of your most impactful projects. How did you make data-driven decisions during that project?

10 months ago

Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision with incomplete information. How did you make the decision and what was the outcome?

a year ago

I would like to know how you brought a product to market or how you launched a product. What challenges did you face during the process?

a year ago

What's your prioritization philosophy for an overcrowded backlog?

a year ago

Can you name a product that you think is great? Can you make it ten times better?

2 years ago

Please tell me about your greatest innovation.

2 years ago

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