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What's your most memorable challenge from your past experience?

Would you display phone numbers in a local search for restaurants? How would you make this decision?

Give an example of a time you had to resolve a conflict

Explain one of the processes you learned/developed during your previous job, which you believe will prove valuable in your future position with Takeaway

Tell me about a time when you designed a solution that wasn't scalable. How did you adjust your approach and how would you apply that knowledge at Takeaway?

You observe that a colleague always arrives late to a weekly meeting. What would you do?

Describe some of the challenges that you might encounter as a TPM at Takeaway. What steps are you planning to take to overcome these challenges?

I'm curious about something that your resume does not mention.

I want to hear about a time you failed to achieve something you set out to do.

Within 1 minute, explain your work experience

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