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Tell me about a time you've had to change the way you work.

People Management
Could you elaborate on the composition of your current team, including its size and any notable traits?

People Management
What KPIs do you use to monitor the performance and success of your team, and how do you track and evaluate these metrics?

Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a team member's approach.

What is your process for considering the user impact of a feature when making a decision?

Organizational Design
Can you describe the future that your team is working towards and your part in making that vision a reality?

People Management
How do you stay current with the latest management techniques and trends?

In your current role, what do you feel is working well and where do you think improvements can be made?

XFN Leadership
Can you share some examples of how you have managed conflict within your team and resolved performance-related issues?

People Management
Can you detail your leadership approach, the principles that inform it, and how they align with Renew Power?

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