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What was your role in the project you're most proud of? What made you so proud of your accomplishment?

20 days ago

Tell me about a product you love. What would you improve in it, if you had a chance? What metrics would you use to track progress?

21 days ago

Describe a company that you believe has not done well.

3 months ago

Let me know about your greatest innovation.

8 months ago

How and why did you fail to achieve success on a key metric recently?

9 months ago

Would you share an experience where you found that the potential of a topic was greater than what was originally thought?

a year ago

There are a lot of customers reporting the same problem. You can't replicate this. So, what are you going to do next?

a year ago

If you didn't have any engineering or financial restrictions, how would you improve a product you love?

a year ago

Can you tell me of a time when you spotted an opportunity more significant than anyone thought it would be?

a year ago

You have two important tasks to do, but you can't do both. How do you prioritize resources?

a year ago

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