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Pick a product that you've used today after waking up this morning. Tell me what you don't like about it and what you'd change if you could improve it.

How and why did you fail to achieve success on a key metric recently?

Describe your biggest innovation.

Can you tell us about a project on which you felt you had an enormous impact? What kind of data did you consult when you made your decision?

How would you prioritise a backlog?

Which is your most proud accomplishment? What made you so proud of it? What were you a part of?

What insights did you gain from any occasion when you had to analyze a large volume of data?

How would you prioritize your resources if there were two things you needed to do, but you were unable to do both at the same time?

Tell me about a time when multiple powerful stakeholders opposed your project?

What is most technologically advanced product you have used recently? Why do you think the product is technologically advanced?

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