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People Management
How have you leveraged your influence to make an impact in the past?

People Management
How do you handle feedback from your manager that is not aligned with your own understanding of your performance?

XFN Leadership
Can you walk me through the steps you take to prioritize tasks and projects with stakeholders?

People Management
Can you describe the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the field of engineering?

People Management
Can you explain your philosophy on hiring and the criteria that influence your decision-making? How would this be reflected at Pollen?

What was the most innovative idea you've ever had? How did you come up with it and how did you go about implementing it?

Organizational Design
Can you explain the vision of your team and how you are contributing to that vision?

What steps would you take to prepare for introducing a new process at Pollen?

Could you walk me through your background and relevant experiences for this EM role at Pollen?

Tell me a piece of difficult feedback you received and how you handled it?

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