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I would like to know how you brought a product to market or how you launched a product. What challenges did you face during the process?

Talk about a metric that wasn't reached in the last two years.

What is something you consider to be a great product? How would you make it 10 times better?

Think of a product you love. What would you do to make it better if you didn't face any engineering or financial limitations?

Have you ever worked on a project that was widely opposed by various highly influential stakeholders?

Product Execution
What is your method of prioritizing market requirements?

Which is your favorite product? In what ways would you improve it?

Pick something from this room. Now, sell it to me.

I'd like to hear about a feature that you implemented in response to customer feedback.

If you are the PM of in a travel company, what would you bring as a new product to market?

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