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Imagine that you are given no limitations for engineering or finance. What would you do to improve a product that you love?

3 months ago

Tell me about an innovative product you worked on from scratch.

7 months ago

What is your favourite non DB product and why? What would you want to modify in that product to make it better?

10 months ago

Can you tell us a time when you needed to convince someone to work on a project that they were not interested in?

a year ago

Describe a time when users advocated for and worked against the engineers' design to change the UI.

a year ago

Describe a product that you managed from concept to launch.

a year ago

What's your prioritization philosophy for an overcrowded backlog?

a year ago

Could you share an example of breaking down a complex issue into smaller parts?

2 years ago

What makes you want to become a Product Manager?

2 years ago

Would you bring a new product to market if you were the product manager at a travel company?

2 years ago

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