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In your Product Management career, what do you hope to achieve?

2 months ago

Can you describe how Bidroom's mission aligns with your long-term goals

2 months ago

How are you convinced that Bidroom is the right fit for you?

3 months ago

Product Execution
How would you manage the demand of stakeholders and ensure the development team's velocity?

4 months ago

Tell us about a time when you made a big mistake at work.

5 months ago

Your most proudest project? How were you involved? What makes you so proud?

5 months ago

What would be your product backlog priority?

7 months ago

Imagine that you are given no limitations for engineering or finance. What would you do to improve a product that you love?

7 months ago

Talk about an occasion marked by ambiguity and elaborate on your ability to find a solution that pleased everyone involved.

a year ago

When estimating market size, what critical aspects do you carefully examine?

3 years ago

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