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People Management
Can you tell me about a time when you took on a mentorship role for someone?

Could you explain what made you decide to change careers and move to your current position?

People Management
Can you recall a scenario where you had to handle a conflict in the workplace? How would you apply that experience to Analog Devices?

Tell me about an experience where you lead a team

Why have you chosen Analog Devices and how do you feel Analog Devices aligns with your career aspirations?

Organizational Design
What do you believe are the key components of a successful engineering organization?

People Management
How do you actively seek feedback from your team and others to inform your self-improvement efforts?

People Management
Can you tell me about a recent instance when a customer or co-worker was unhappy with your work and how you addressed the situation?

How do you balance the trade-off between delivering new features quickly and developing them thoroughly?

Tell me about a conflict that you had to manage.

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