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Describe an aspect of your role you learned at your former job that you feel will be beneficial to your future role at Akamai

I want you to share a lesson you learned from a major failure at work.

What methods are present in your toolkilt ot protect dev teams against stakeholder requests?

Describe a project where you feel you had enormous impact. What kind of data did you use when making decisions?

Can you write requirements specifications? How would you interact with sales?

Could you tell me about some of the unique skills a SaaS product manager would need to demonstrate?

I have a co-worker who always arrives late to a scheduled meeting. What do I do?

How did you use data to drive your decision making in a project where you had enormous impact?

What would be your launch strategy for a new product?

What was it like to work on a project that was heavily opposed by multiple powerful stakeholders?

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