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What would be your product backlog priority?

3 months ago

What is your favourite non DB product and why? What would you want to modify in that product to make it better?

8 months ago

I want to hear about a new product you developed entirely from scratch.

10 months ago

Describe a product you used today when you woke up in the morning. Tell me what you didn't like about it and what you'd change to improve it.

a year ago

Let me know about an implementation you made based on customer feedback.

a year ago

Can you name a product that you think is great? Can you make it ten times better?

a year ago

How do you decide which of competing features should be prioritized?

a year ago

For deciding whether to release a product iteration with user-centric functionality versus stability and engineering features, how does your decision-making process work?

2 years ago

Name a mobile application you like. Why do you like it? How can it be improved?

2 years ago

Can you describe a recent experience where you did not meet your goals on a key metric and why?

2 years ago

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