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What is your most significant accomplishment? Why?

How do you determine the most suitable solution when faced with a difficult decision?

People Management
What elements play a role in your choice to advance a coworker in your group?

People Management
Can you share some examples of your successful recruitment efforts?

XFN Leadership
Can you provide some examples of how you have managed stakeholder expectations and ensured that projects are delivered on time and within scope?

How do you handle situations when a team member is not meeting their project commitments?

People Management
Can you describe a project that didn't achieve its objectives and what you learned from the experience?

People Management
What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career thus far? What were some learnings from the experience you think could be relevant if you were the get the job at 3M?

People Management
How do you establish trust and maintain positive relationships with your team as a manager?

People Management
What's your go-to method for resolving conflicts between team members? If a conflict arose between team members at 3M, what approach would you take to resolve it?

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