How would you redesign the television remote? - Facebook Product Manager Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Product Manager

6th September, 2020

Product SenseLeaning towards Hire

This is a Facebook Product Manager mock interview. The expert takes a Product Sense style interview for a Hardware Product Manager role, and simulates a real-world PM mock interview for the candidate.

Interview question: Redesign the television remote.

Timestamps and subtopics:

  • 01:43​ Question asked
  • 04:48​ What would be your vision for this product?
  • 06:11​ Why is hardware such a risky proposition?
  • 07:19​ What metrics would you come up with?
  • 12:33​ What additional metrics might you track?
  • 14:50​ Customer segmentation
  • 17:10​ Customer prioritization
  • 23:45​ Fleshing out usecases
  • 27:42​ Competitive positioning
  • 30:49​ What software metrics would you track?
  • 34:55​ What are some of the major risks, and how would you mitigate them?
  • 36:47​ How'd you pitch this product to leadership?
  • 40:10​ Feedback from the expert
Written feedback for the candidate

What went well?

  • Good clarifications up front. TC used opportunity to increase scope to what they thought they’d like to explore.
  • Good structure allowed interviewer to easily keep track, frequent check-ins throughout interview and signposting ensured things stayed on track.
  • Well defined “memorable” and ambitious vision - and clear optimization towards this throughout the interview.
  • Experience with hardware products came through very clearly, especially when talking about the product design aspect.
  • Risks and mitigations were well done, showed an awareness of the usual implications of home products

Where is the room for improvement?

  • Net sales can be a risky metric to optimize for, TC did a good job in flagging out possible cons and mitigating them with secondary metrics, but would also recommend flagging out (proactively) the lagging nature of revenues as an indicator and also mitigating that through proxies
  • At some sections, TC’s product ideas seemed more driven by “the technology exists, we should use it”, rather than solving an underlying customer need. Got this impression in 2-3 sections, so would recommend hedging against this by always tying solutions / problems / impact back to customers and their pain points.
  • Prioritizing GTM in tying in with Echo/Home vs standalone was slightly unclear at the start although clarified later - seemed a bit like the candidate wanted to achieve both, but then decided standalone is a stronger USP given the hardware aspect.
  • Summarization needs a bit of work, the tie-in to Facebook’s mission was very cleverly done, but it’s important to be able to distill the key takeaways from a session

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Can you ask the candidate for feedback about this mock too? Did the candidate find it useful? It's the first time I took a PM mock for a hardware role, so good to benchmark.

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