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What is the one metric would you choose if you were the PM of Facebook Events? Design the features to increase it?

2 months ago

What metrics would you choose for tracking Facebook events?

3 months ago

Facebook Ads dropped 20% in revenue, Mark Zuckerberg calls you and asks you to fix it. What would you do?

4 months ago

How would you set goals for Facebook notifications?

4 months ago

Discuss one metric you didn't reach in the past two years.

8 months ago

Could you design a user interface for banks?

9 months ago

You've decided to encourage users to write longer posts. Why could that be? How would you measure success?

a year ago

How would you incorporate stories into Instagram Explore?

a year ago

Can you tell me how much budget is required for Facebook to maintain Facebook Photos ?

a year ago

Describe how you would launch a new hardware product.

a year ago

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