How would you build a new social platform for dating? - Facebook Product Manager Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Product Manager

11th August, 2020

Leaning towards Hire

This is a Facebook Product Manager mock interview, and the expert asks a Facebook Product Sense style interview question. The interview question in focus is "How would you build a new social platform for dating?". The expert is an experienced Facebook Product Manager coach, and he provides detailed feedback at the end.

Written feedback for the candidate

What went well?

  • Super well structured. Comprehensively outlined the format that would be followed, and ensured all of the usual PM topics were covered. Good interview “journey”, start with the conceptual fit before moving into customers, problems, solutions and design. Also checked-in on progress at regular intervals, which was great - a good example was when metrics were flagged upfront as a topic that TC would get to later.
  • Requested important clarifications upfront on how this would fit into the ecosystem, which would affect the product design.
  • Listing out various actors up front was a clever idea for both identifying opportunities and also problem solving for them further down the line. Related it to personal experience to flesh out problems and scenarios, making the storytelling very credible.
  • Thorough prio. framework, TC built this out even further when probed deeper. And when a decision was forced by interviewer, TC flagged out a rudimentary matrix which effectively demonstrated how a real-life prio would have happened

Where is the room for improvement?

  • User segmentation was mildly confusing esp. between the first and third segments. It did eventually become clear, and wasn't too important since TC didn't prioritize these segments anyway - but would rethink phrasing/nomenclature to ensure the distinction is clearer.
  • Prioritization: When multiple factors are self identified as being crucial for prio, would recommend using more of them when explaining why a certain focus is picked - in the absence of this the decision can come across as arbitrary.
  • Metrics to track could have sightly more structure to ensure all angles are covered. Would recommend tying north star to component metrics breadth/depth/retention/value.
  • Risk mitigation had some additional privacy/gender angles which could have been useful to look into. Particularly relevant context given the recent and ongoing discussions related to FB and privacy.
  • Summary covered a lot of ground. Might be worth thinking about the key points to distill in the conversation for leadership

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