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People management
Let's consider a hypothetical situation where you're leading a team at Dollar Tree and one employee is falling short. Can you explain how you would intervene and provide guidance to help them reach their full potential?
Engineering Manager
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19 hours ago

People management
Can you describe how you address team conflicts? Suppose you were faced with a team conflict at Zenoti - what would you do?
Engineering Manager
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19 hours ago

Product DesignProduct Sense
How would you design an app for an amusement park?
Product Manager
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1 day ago

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Product Sense
Create a research plan for studying how drivers use an in-vehicle phone keypad.
UX Researcher
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2 days ago

What tools do you use for conducting UX research?
UX Researcher
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2 days ago

In your opinion, what qualities make a great UX researcher?
UX Researcher
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2 days ago

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Communication & collaboration
How do you know you’re asking the right questions for a research project?
UX Researcher
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2 days ago

Whiteboarding/problem solving
Can you create an app that locates nearby parks where pets are allowed?
UX Designer
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2 days ago

Can you describe a time when you had to choose the lesser of two evils, even if it was not the popular choice?
Engineering Manager
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2 days ago

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People management
Would you mind elaborating on a situation where you and your director had differing viewpoints and how it was settled?
Engineering Manager
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2 days ago

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