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Program Management
How do you deal with scope creep in your role as a TPM?

System Design
How would you design a new hotel booking system?

Program Management
What are the ways to ensure the quality of your product or service?

System Design
How would you design a new chat app, for example one that competes with Whatsapp?

Program Management
What are some ways to wind down a project?

System Design
Please share the experience of when you handled a program end-to-end?

Tell me about any challenges you envision facing at Wise as a TPM. How will you overcome them?

Program Management
What's your approach to managing multiple crossfunctional teams working together?

Program Management
Can you tell me about a program you managed that performed poorly?

I would like to know about a time when a solution designed by you didn't scale well. How did you adapt your approach and how would you apply your new knowledge to Wise?

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