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If you didn't have any engineering or financial restrictions, how would you improve a product you love?

Would you like to design a better version of your favorite non-DB product? What would you want to modify to make it better?

Which is your most proud accomplishment? What made you so proud of it? What were you a part of?

Tell me about a time when multiple powerful stakeholders opposed your project?

Is there a mobile applicationthat you like? What makes you like it? How might it be improved?

Please tell me about an original product you developed.

What qualities should an effective product manager have?

Please pick a product that you have used today since waking up this morning. Tell me what you do not like about it and what you would change to improve it.

If you had to pitch a new business to Jeff Bezos, what would you recommend?

Can you tell me of a time when you spotted an opportunity more significant than anyone thought it would be?

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