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Devise a product strategy to double sales over next year

a month ago

Your most proudest project? How were you involved? What makes you so proud?

5 months ago

Can you tell me about your favorite product? What improvements would you make?

6 months ago

What do you find challenging about software product management?

7 months ago

Describe a time when you had to analyze a lot of data. What insights did you gain from that?

7 months ago

I want to hear about a new product you developed entirely from scratch.

a year ago

A large number of customers are reporting an identical bug where they're unable to log into their tool. You're unable to replicate this. What are you going to do next?

a year ago

Have you ever had to make a decision with incomplete information? How did you do it, and what did the result turn out to be?

a year ago

Tell me about a product you like. What problem does it solve? How would you improve that product? What metrics would you follow?

a year ago

Which product have you used recently that is the most technologically advanced? And why do you think this product is technologically advanced?

a year ago

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