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I want to start a ride share company, how should I do this? What metrics should I look at? How would I gather sentiment?

3 months ago

How would you design a parking system that allows users to see which spots are available.

4 months ago

Which company according to you has the best customer service? Why? What would you change about their service policies?

5 months ago

Build an app that assists people in finding a general practitioner.

10 months ago

Product Sense
Design a disaster management app for the Olympics.

10 months ago

Product Sense
If you had to build a platform for finding jobs, how would you go about it?

a year ago

I would like to know about you and your background, as well as how many years of experience you have as a PM?

a year ago

How would you design a TV Remote for old people?

a year ago

Design a fridge for the blind.

a year ago

Which alarm clock design would be most suitable for the blind?

a year ago

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