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People Management
How do you keep your team motivated and engaged in their work, and what strategies have you found to be effective in maintaining a positive and productive work environment?

People Management
How do you stay current with the latest management techniques and trends?

People Management
When faced with team conflicts, what steps do you typically take to resolve them? How would you go about resolving a team conflict at Pristyn Care if one arose?

Organizational Design
What is the long-term vision for your team, and what is your role in realizing that vision?

People Management
Have you ever faced resistance from your team when it comes to learning new things? If so, how did you address it?

What steps would you take to prepare for introducing a new process at Pristyn Care?

What was the root cause of the project failure and how did you address it?

Organizational Design
How do you integrate the principles of engineering into the day-to-day work of your team?

People Management
Can you share a scenario in which you had to balance the needs and goals of your team with those of the broader organization?

People Management
Can you give me a breakdown of the current make-up of your team, including size and key attributes?

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