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What would you do to prioritize your product backlog?

Program Management
Suppose you find a very critical bug in software on the day before its scheduled release date, how would you handle this situation?

If you are given an offer from Lazada, which team would be your "dream team" that you'd want to be a part of?

Explain how you have managed a product from start to finish.

Could you explain why you believe Lazada is the right fit for you?

Explain one of the processes you learned/developed during your previous job, which you believe will prove valuable in your future position with Lazada

A co-worker constantly arrives late to a weekly scheduled meeting. What would you do?

What did you do on an occasion when you designed a solution that did not scale well? How did you adapt your approach and how would you apply your new knowledge at Lazada?

In your opinion, how could seller success be measured better? Design a metric for this

Would you consider Lazada a good fit for you?

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