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What is something you consider to be a great product? How would you make it 10 times better?

Do you have an experience of finding greater opportunity than initially predicted on a topic?

Have you ever faced a situation where you saw an opportunity bigger than what everyone predicted?

Would you like to design a better version of your favorite non-DB product? What would you want to modify to make it better?

Describe the process of bringing a product to market or the launch of a product. What are a few challenges you faced?

I want to see an example of a feature you've built based on data.

If you had to pitch a new business to Jeff Bezos, what would you recommend?

How do you prioritize among competing features?

Think of a product you love. What would you do to make it better if you didn't face any engineering or financial limitations?

Can you share an experience where you failed to accomplish a key metric and why?

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