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Can you describe the actions you have taken to create an environment that is inclusive to all individuals?

How do you use of varying styles of communication to be effective?

How have you managed conflicts between team members in the past? What methods would you use at InsideSales.Com?

People Management
How do you resolve team conflicts? Let's say you encounter a team conflict at InsideSales.Com where some members don't productively work together - what are the steps you would take?

People Management
Can you share an experience when a customer or co-worker was unhappy with your work and how you went about addressing their concerns?

People Management
Can you recall a time when a project didn't go as planned and what you learned from the experience?

Organizational Design
What role does leadership play in the success of an engineering organization?

XFN Leadership
What steps do you take to make sure stakeholders are following through on their obligations and responsibilities?

People Management
Can you provide information on the current make-up of your team, including its size and key features?

People Management
How do you handle situations when a team member is unable to complete a task?

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