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Can you name a product that you think is great? Can you make it ten times better?

a month ago

Let me know about an implementation you made based on customer feedback.

2 months ago

Make an exciting new product for kids.

2 months ago

What will you do as a product manager if users complain about a slow mobile app?

3 months ago

What is your favorite product? How could it be improved?

5 months ago

What motivated you to work as a Product Manager?

7 months ago

How would you investigate if the number of transactions suddenly decreases?

8 months ago

Describe the process of bringing a product to market or the launch of a product. What are a few challenges you faced?

9 months ago

Do you know how you would design an app for an amusement park?

a year ago

What are the phases of a new product launch? What do you feel are the key phases of a new product's lifecycle?

a year ago

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