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What was the root cause of the project failure and how did you address it?

People Management
Can you explain your philosophy on hiring and the criteria that influence your decision-making? How would this be reflected at Gupshup?

People Management
How do you ensure that your team is motivated and invested in their work on a daily basis?

People Management
Can you share a story of when your manager was unhappy with your work, and how you dealt with it?

People Management
How do you foster a positive and trustworthy relationship with your direct reports as a manager?

People Management
When faced with team conflicts, what steps do you typically take to resolve them? How would you go about resolving a team conflict at Gupshup if one arose?

People Management
Tell me about a time you helped a direct report get promoted? What was your role in the process and how did it go?

People Management
How do you measure the success of delegation and what steps do you take to adjust your approach if needed?

People Management
How do you actively seek feedback from your team and others to inform your self-improvement efforts?

Organizational Design
How do you and your team envision the future and what is your role in bringing that vision to life?

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