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Have you ever broken down a complex problem into simple steps?

What kind of data did you use when making decisions in a project where you felt you had a profound impact?

What would you prioritize in your product backlog?

When you have two important things to do but can't do them both at the same time, how would you prioritize your resources?

Tell me about a product you love. What would you improve in it, if you had a chance? What metrics would you use to track progress?

If you didn't have any engineering or financial restrictions, how would you improve a product you love?

Which product do you consider to be great? What would you do to make it ten times better?

Do you have a favorite non-DB product? Why? How would you improve that product?

Pick a product that you've used today after waking up this morning. Tell me what you don't like about it and what you'd change if you could improve it.

A customer who accounts for 7% of your ARR threatens to shift to another company if you don't build some special features that only they are likely to use. How are you going to manage this scenario?

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