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What is a product you think has been well marketed? What would you do to improve the marketing?

24 days ago

How would you design a TV-remote with only one button?

2 months ago

Build an elevator from the ground up.

7 months ago

How did it feel when you were working on a project that was heavily opposed by multiple powerful stakeholders?

a year ago

What are your priorities for the product backlog?

a year ago

I would like your thoughts on how to design an airport traffic control system.

a year ago

Would you design a vending machine differently?

a year ago

If you had to launch Alexa all over again, how would you do it?

2 years ago

Do you have a favorite product? How would you improve it? What metric would you use to track progress?

2 years ago

Talk about a metric that wasn't reached in the last two years.

2 years ago

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